🚀 Whats New? (March 2022)

This month we are focused on improving the app's performance, and to release our NEW minimum quantity feature.



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Customer Support

We're here if you need us: theorderminimum@gmail.com

Getting Started

You are 3 steps away from launching this app!

Start with Step 1 : Quick Click Install and continue completing each step after it.

Step 1: Quick Click Install

Not Started

Not Started

Step 2: Add Order Limits

About Order Limits

  • To add your Order Limit, first begin by DELETING the default limit at the bottom by pressing the DELETE button
  • Order Limits are rules set to make customers spend over or under a specific monetary amount.
  • Order Limits are activated when a customer is on the cart page or side cart and cart subtotal matches the rule.
  • Each Order Limit should have each field filled out. Note: one (1) customer tag per limit.

Currency Customer Tag Amount Message

Step 3: Publish To Store


Activate : To activate saved changes to your website click Publish To Store.

Reminder : Always test your store after publishing to confirm app is working as expected. If you have any questions or issues please contact us at: theorderminimum@gmail.com

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